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 Portable Ashampoo Anti-Malware 1.2.0 MultiLanguage

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MesajKonu: Portable Ashampoo Anti-Malware 1.2.0 MultiLanguage   C.tesi Haz. 26 2010, 09:10

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Ashampoo Anti-Malware 1.2.0 ML | 115 MB

Anti-Malware - the official successor, and Ashampoo AntiSpyWare Ashampoo
AntiVirus, was designed from scratch, and combines the best of both
technologies all in one solution. Integrated security solution to
protect your computer and data from external threats and blocks viruses,
trojans, worms, spyware and adware, rootkits, bots, and advertising
effectively without the extra load on the performance of your computer.
In addition, the program offers a wide range of remedies (eg, File
Wiper, Internet Cleaner, Startup Tuner, etc.) based on the successful
series of Ashampoo WinOptimizer. Thanks to its innovative design and
intuitive graphical user interface, with Ashampoo Anti-Malware is very
easy to work.

Ashampoo Anti-Malware provides reliable protection against the following
• Keylogger, Trojans, rootkits
• Worms, viruses, bots

Spyware and adware
• Spyware, Adware, hijackers, from tracking

• Two built-in engine, from the leading
proizvoditelyaey software, provide better protection from: viruses,
Trojans, worms, malware, rootkits, bots, spyware and adware (In the
options settings are used scanning engines: 1. Both engine
(recommended); 2. Only the engine Spy 3. Only the engine antivirus.
These options have a tremendous impact on productivity and security and,
therefore, should only be changed by experienced users).
• During
the executable files and copying files, OnAccess ensures safety and
maximum protection against all types of threats before they can affect
the entire system.
• Heuristic analysis is designed to detect
unknown threats.
• Protection from more than 3.000.000 of potential
threats from the Internet.
• Rootkit Detector 2: Enhanced protection
against unseen threats
• Compatibility with Microsoft Windows 7
• Continuous protection provides a significant level
security drivers and takes care of the following areas of Windows:
BHO (Browser Helper Objects): Detects and blocks unwanted installation
BHO (optional disable them permanently)
- Winsock-LSP (Layered
Service Provider): Detects and blocks unwanted installation LSP
(optional disable them permanently)
- Windows file HOSTS
(anti-pharming): Prevents entry in Windows HOSTS files
- Records in
the AutoRun: Detects and blocks unwanted entries in startup (at
zhelaniyuo disable them permanently)
- ActiveX installation: Detects
and blocks the unauthorized installation of ActiveX
- "Live"
Logging: Display the protection of all monitored objects in real-time
visually and convenient way
• Improved compatibility tools with
Windows 7, based on the 11-year experience with a series of tools
Ashampoo WinOptimizer. In Ashampoo Anti-Malware integrated the following

- File Wiper - Irrevocable destruction of files, folders
or entire disks.
This utility allows you to delete the contents of
files, folders or entire disks so that even special programs for data
recovery can not restore them.
- Hosts File Checker - Check the
Windows hosts file redirection and their removal, if necessary.
this utility you can check the Windows hosts file for suspicious
entries. These records can cause fake Internet for downloading to your
browser instead of the one you requested.
- Startup Tuner - Review
and determination of applications that must be loaded when you start
This utility allows you to control what applications are
loaded when you start Windows. You can remove unwanted startup entries,
to reduce the time run Windows.
- Rootkit Detector 2 - Scan your
system for hidden processes and files.
This utility allows you to
check your system for the presence of hidden files and hidden processes
that are running at the moment. Only experienced users should use this
tool, because friendly security applications also make use
Internet Cleaner - Remove cache files, cookies and history of the known
You can use this utility to remove all traces of online
activity. These include cache files your browser, cookies, and history
as well as view a list of URL pages you visited.
- ADS Scanner -
search for NTFS drives additional flows that not visible in Windows
Explorer and delete them if required.
This utility allows you to
check NTFS drives for files with alternate data streams (ADS) and delete
them if necessary. For more information on this topic, please refer to
the relevant help page.
- Process Manager - View information on the
processes and their completion, if necessary.
You can use this tool
to check what processes are currently running and get more information
about them - their origin, loaded modules, etc.
- LSP Viewer -
Manage installed Winsock LSP, which affect the behavior of the network
and the Internet.
It's a tool where you can manage layered Socket
Providers (LSP), which are installed in your system. These allow the
LSP-friendly applications, as well as malicious software to interfere in
the activity of the whole network and the Internet, and record, edit
and forward

Additional Ashampoo Anti-Malware:
• Ability to
support users: do not need administrator privileges required to run the
program, personal settings can be adjusted and stored for each user

"White List" (Whitelist): With the whitelist definitions, folders, or
files can be excluded from the search to prevent false positives and to
accelerate the scanning process, if you are sure that these folders /
files are not infected (for example, a folder with video )
• Self
(Self protection): Encryption mechanisms provide safety programs and
"white list" from external threats
• Control Scan: Integrated
scheduler for automatic scanning control
• Custom scan: Creating
workstations scanning
• New brand GUI: Innovative interface for more
intuitive and simple operation (recommended for beginners)
• Custom
file filters: Scanning only specific formats or all the files in order
to achieve maximum safety
• 1 year of updates included

Jun, 2010
Platforms: (32/64bit) Windows XP (SP2) / Vista (SP1) / 7


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Portable Ashampoo Anti-Malware 1.2.0 MultiLanguage
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